Leesburg Launch Pad


Thank you for choosing to make Leesburg your business

hometown of the 21st century!

Let us help you take your business from concept to grand opening. The items listed below are the critical steps you need to consider before you select your location and open your business.  Because planning ahead and timeliness are vital to any business venture, we encourage you to contact the appropriate parties listed well in advance of your targeted opening date.  

We are looking forward to working with you! 
Please click here to have a member of our Town Staff contact you directly.

Site Selection

Choosing your site can be one of the most important decisions you make in opening your business.  Our Economic Development team can provide you with commercial lenders a and commercial real estate  listings as well as other location assistance tools to help you through the process.

Already know where you want to be? Please visit our Use Table or Zoning Map to determine where your business is allowed by right, by special exception (legislative action) or if a rezoning application is required (legislative action).   Our Crescent Design District Map and Historic District Map offer additional resources regarding these special districts. More detailed information can be found in the Zoning Ordinance. If you do not see your use listed, or if you have any questions, please visit our Planning & Zoning FAQs page or contact Zoning Staff.

Note - Additional approvals may be required if your business is to be located in one of the Town's architectural control districts.  Please visit our Board of Architectural Review web page for more information, or contact our Preservation Planner.


To open a new business in the Town, you will need to get an approved Zoning Permit from our staff to ensure the site you've selected meets zoning requirements (see "Site Selection" above). There are four paths listed below, one of which will apply to your particular needs.  If you have additional questions, please visit our Planning & Zoning FAQs page or contact Zoning Staff directly.

  • New Tenant/Occupancy Only: If you are simply moving into an existing space and no interior alterations are necessary, a Zoning Permit for "new tenant/occupancy only" is still required from the Town in order for you to obtain an Occupancy Permit from Loudoun County.
  • New Tenant Fit Up/Occupancy: If interior renovation of the space is needed, (such as, but not limited to: installation of new walls, windows, doors, electrical wiring or plumbing fixtures) you will need to obtain additional permits from Loudoun County Department of Building and Development.
  • New Building Tenant Fit Up: If you are the first tenant in a new building, there may be other approvals that are necessary before you occupy the space.  For example, the site work outside of the building may need to be completed.  Contact our Zoning Staff regarding the status of your site.   
  • New Construction/Greenfield Development: If you are looking to begin with new construction for your business location, please visit our Land Development Overview page for more information.


Sign Permits are issued by our Town zoning staff.  Many shopping centers and office developments within the Town have sign plans in place. Prior to signing your lease, it is best to ensure that any location you consider will allow the type of signs you require.  Please visit our Sign Regulations page for more information or contact our Zoning Staff directly.

Note: If your business is located within one of the Town's architectural control districts, a Certificate of Appropriateness is required prior to issuance of a sign permit.

Business Taxes and Fees

With few exceptions, businesses operating within the corporate limits of the Town are required to have a Business, Professional & Occupational License issued by the Leesburg Department of Finance. The tax associated with this license is either a percentage of gross receipts or a flat rate.  Businesses subject to the gross receipts tax rate with less than $50,000 in gross receipts pay a flat rate of $20.00. For more information on other business taxes, please visit our Business Taxes page.

Note: Please visit the Loudoun County Commissioner of Revenue page for additional business tax information.

Water & Sewer Availability Fees

Water and Sewer Availability Fees purchase capacity within the Town's water and sewer system.  They are one-time fees by which the Town recovers the cost of the infrastructure needed to provide water and sewer service.  If you are the first tenant in a new building, or if your business will have a higher water use than the previous tenant (such as a restaurant, salon/spa or dental office), additional water and sewer availability fees may be required.  The exception to this is a business in the Old and Historic District, for which you would pay additional fees only if your business requires a larger water meter.   Please visit our Development Fees page or call 703-771-2762 for more information.  


While the Town issues required zoning permits, the Loudoun County Department of Building and Development issues the occupancy permit.  To occupy a tenant space you will need both.  Before the occupancy permit is issued, you will need to schedule required zoning and utility cross connection inspections with the Town.  The Department of Building and Development will let you know when to schedule those appointments; however, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Grand Opening

You are ready to open your doors in Leesburg, your new business hometown.  Your relationship with the Town does not end here.  Our Economic Development staff are available to work with you to celebrate your opening and direct you to other resources to help you along the way.

Thank you again for choosing to grow your business in Leesburg, Virginia.