Future Potential Projects

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The following is a list of projects that may be considered for inclusion in the Capital Improvements Program based upon funding availability and the priorities of the Town Council. In some instances, additional research is pending before a specific recommendation can be made.



Project Summary

Ida Lee Park Tennis Court – Seasonal Air Structure

Parks & Recreation

Seasonal air structure with storage building and entrance structures over an existing three court pod, including beam for anchoring the air structure around the court perimeter, new exterior lighting and fencing.

Lawson Road Bicycle/ Pedestrian Crossing of Tuscarora Creek

Parks & Recreation

Design and construction of a new stream crossing to provide bicycle and pedestrian access to the W&OD Trail from residential communities.

Olde Izaak Walton Pond

Parks & Recreation

Improve the condition of the pond at the park. Pending further council discussion of long-term disposition of the property.

Tuscarora Creek Trail Phase I (was South King Street Trail Extension)

Parks & Recreation

Trail from W&OD Trail at Douglass Community Center via the Tuscarora Creek stream valley to Brandon Park at Harrison Street. This 1,500 foot trail will provide access to the Crescent District, Catoctin Skate Park, Douglass Community Center, and W&OD Trail.

Tuscarora Creek Trail Phase II

Parks & Recreation

Trail from Brandon Park at Harrison Street to Davis Avenue and Olde Izaak Walton Park via the Tuscarora Creek stream valley. This 2,500 linear foot trail provides access to Olde Izaak Walton Park, and includes a crossing of Tuscarora Creek. Once completed, the project will provide access from Olde Izaak Walton Park near South King Street to the W&OD Trail at Douglass Community Center.

1st, 2nd & Wirt Street, SW

Streets & Highways

Storm drainage improvements including concrete curb and gutter to alleviate flooding of yards and drainage problems along 1st Street west of South King Street, 2nd Street and Wirt Street, SW. Project improvements to be sensitive to existing neighborhood character.

Church Street Improvements Phase II - Royal to Town Branch (07304)

Streets & Highways

Project includes extension of paved roadway approximately 200 feet towards the W&OD Trail to connect to future private development. The project includes construction of a Crescent District water feature at the southern end of Church Street adjacent to the proposed Waterford Development project.

Davis Avenue Sidewalk

Streets & Highways

Install sidewalk on both sides of Davis Avenue from South King Street to the Valley View Drive intersection.

Dry Mill Road Sidewalk and Drainage Improvements (Catoctin to W&OD)

Streets & Highways

Sidewalk and drainage improvements from the W&OD trail to Catoctin Circle.

Edwards Ferry Road Sidewalk on the North Side

Streets & Highways

Install sidewalk along the north side of Edwards Ferry Road from Shenandoah Building to Heritage Way.

 Monroe Street Improvements  Streets & Highways  Curb and gutter, sidewalk, and drainage improvements to approximately 850 feet of Monroe Street between South King Street and the cul-de-sac near Madison House.

North King Street at North Street Traffic Signal

Streets & Highways

Loudoun County has proffered a signal at that location. This signal will be needed when the courthouse expansion project is completed.

Plaza Street Sidewalk

Streets & Highways

Construction of approximately 1,000 feet of sidewalk along the west side of Plaza Street between the Police Station and Edwards Ferry Road. This segment of sidewalk will complete a missing link and will improve pedestrian access and safety for residents of the Fields of Leesburg apartments and other residents in northeast Leesburg.

West Market Street/Morven Park Road/Loudoun Street Intersection Improvements

Streets & Highways

Intersection improvements to improve vehicular and pedestrian safety and traffic congestion. Study completed in March 2009 on potential design options.

Royal Street Drainage Improvements (East of Harrison Street)

Storm Drainage

Storm drainage improvements to reduce overland flow of runoff flowing from Royal Street onto private properties.

South Street at South King Street

Storm Drainage

Storm drainage improvements to alleviate flooding of a single family home at the corner of South Street and South King Street. Project dependent upon future Waterford development.

Town Branch at Mosby Drive

Storm Drainage

Purpose of the project is to stabilize the eroding channel and reduce potential flooding.

 Town Branch Improvements (10305)  Storm Drainage  Stream channel improvements to the Town Branch corridor. The purpose of the project is to alleviate flooding, and to support the Crescent District Master Plan and proposed Waterford Development project.

Runway 17 Extension


Extend the runway for approximately 500 feet to accommodate larger aircraft. Project is part of FAA and Town Master Plan for the airport. Significant funding to be provided by FAA and DOAV.

South Apron Expansion Phase II


This project is the final phase of the South Apron Development project. It is contiguous with the recently completed South Apron Expansion Phase I and the South Apron Hangar project. It includes incidental development of additional aircraft tie-downs, wash rack, and relocation of the existing fuel farm. In order to accommodate drainage from this project and future development of the south end of the airport, a comprehensive drainage analysis will be prepared. The project will be funded using 90% federal, 8% state, and 2% Town funding.