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Current Capital Projects Department Solicitations

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Bidders' List Policy:  The Office of Capital Projects does not create or maintain a bidders' list.

Past Capital Projects Department Solicitations         

Project Name

Invitation/ Request for Bid

Bid Results/Shortlist

Town Council Resolution

Pavement Management Services RFP  Pending  Pending 
Engineering Design Services - Battlefield Parkway Trail Across the Route 15 Bypass   RFP  Shortlist/Selected Firm  Resolution 
Chesapeake Bay TMDL Project (4 Ponds)  IFB  Results  Resolution
Parking Lot for Catoctin Skate Park  IFB  Results  Resolution 
2016 Street Milling & Resurfacing Contract   IFB  Results  Resolution 
Advanced Transportation Management System RFP  Shortlist/Selected Firm  Resolution 
Downtown Street Light Foundations IFB Results  Resolution 
Snow Removal Services - Re-Bid IFB Results Resolution
Town Hall Flooring Replacement IFB Results Resolution
Fall Tree Planting 2016  RFQ Results  Not Required
Battlefield Parkway - Route 15 to Dulles Greenway IFB  Results  Resolution 
Copying & Printing Services RFQ  Results  Not Required 
Underground Storage Tank Removal and Aboveground Storage Tank Installation  IFB Results  Resolution 
Engineering Design Services - Evergreen Mill Road Widening RFP  Shortlist/Selected Firm Resolution 
Chesapeake Bay TMDL Project Phase I (3 Ponds)



South King Street Widening Phase II (Masons Ln. to Greenway Dr.)   IFB Results  Resolution 
Professional Airport Planning, Engineering and Architectural Services for the Leesburg Executive Airport  RFP Shortlist/Selected Firm Resolution 
 2015 Pavement Marking Services Contract IFB  Results  Not Required 
Construction Management and Project Inspection Services for South King Street Widening Ph II RFP   Shortlist/Selected Firm  Resolution
Downtown Improvements Phase IIIC - King Street - East & West Side   IFB  Results  Resolution 
Comprehensive Engineering, Architectural, Surveying & Related Services RFQ  Shortlist/Selected Firms Resolution 
Downtown Improvements - Loudoun Street From Church Street to Market Street IFB  Results  Resolution
 Annual Street Maintenance - Concrete & Brick Repairs IFB  Results  Resolution 
Engineering Design Services - Sycolin Road Widening Phase IV RFP Shortlist/Selected Firm Resolution
Lowenbach Subdivision Roadway Improvements Phase V - Blue Ridge Avenue, Queen Street and Washington Street IFB Results Resolution
2013 Traffic Signal Components Installation & Replacements IFB Results Resolution
Construction Management Services for the Leesburg Executive Airport Construction Projects RFP Shortlist/Selected Firm Resolution
Street Milling and Resurfacing Contract IFB Results Resolution
2012 Leesburg Executive Airport Pavement Repairs Maintenance Contract IFB Results Resolution
Construction Management and Project Management for Leesburg Capital Improvement Projects RFP Shortlist/Selected Firms Resolution
Construction Management and Inspection Services-FED & STATE PROJECTS RFP Shortlist/Selected Firm Resolution