Review & Inspection Fee Schedule

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Department of Plan Review Review and Inspection Fee Schedule.

Land Use & Zoning Applications

$32,000 for more than 10 acres
(1st thru 3rd submissions)

$16,000 for up to 10 acres
(1st thru 3rd submissions)
$1,200 for each submission over 3 submissions
Rezoning Concept Plan and/or Proffer Amendments $10,000
Special Exceptions $10,000 for buildings more than 10,000sf
(1st thru 3rd submissions)
$7,500 for buildings up to 9,999sf
(1st thru 3rd submissions)
$1,200 for each submission over 3 submissions
$1,000 for non-profits
$500 for accessory structures to dwellings
Town Plan Amendment $5,600
Commission Permit $1,000
Zoning Ordinance Modifications or Waivers
per Code section modified
Zoning Ordinance Amendment $0
Public Hearing Sign deposit $25 per sign to be posted


Zoning Applications & Inspections
Zoning Permits $350 for new residential construction
$300 for new non-residential construction
$30 per residential addition, alteration, etc.
$50 per non-residential addition, alteration, etc.
$30 per accessory structure - residential
Sign Permits $40 per sign
$35 per temporary sign
Temporary Use $250
Temporary Use - Temporary Portable Storage Units $30 for residential use/$50 for non-residential use
Variances $350
Appeals $350
Appeals to Council (Proffers) $500
Special Exceptions/Flood Plain, BZA $250
Zoning Certification Letters $150
Zoning Re-inspections – Residential, Subdivision $200
Zoning Re-inspections – Commercial, Occupancy $250
Zoning Re-inspections – Residential, Occupancy $50
Home Occupation Permit $30

Board of Architectural Review
BAR review of Comprehensive Sign Plan $25
Council review of Comprehensive Sign Plan $25
Appeal of BAR Decision to Council $25
New Construction of one or more primary buildings $500
New Construction of one or more accessory structures $50
Additions to existing primary buildings $100
Additions to existing accessory structures $25
Alterations to existing primary or accessory structures $25
Demolition of an existing structure $50
Administrative Review of landscaping, etc. No fee
Administrative Review of paint color No fee
Signs (Administrative and BAR approval) $10 for each sign

Zoning Ordinance $12
Town Plan $20
H-2 Corridor Regulations $20
Old & Historic District Guidelines $10
Zoning Map $10
Old & Historic District Map $10
Walking Tour Guides $5