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Welcome to the Department of Planning and Zoning’s News Center. Committed to providing excellent community service, the primary purpose of the department is to guide future growth and quality of life in the Town of Leesburg. This is accomplished by enhancing Leesburg’s special character, anticipating changing community needs, and facilitating the development of policies to ensure stewardship of the Town’s natural and built environments. Planning and Zoning staff is responsible for providing administrative and technical service to the public, as well as strategic support to the governing bodies that make decisions about Leesburg’s land use.

Eastern Gateway District Small Area Plan

Last year, the Town of Leesburg began a visioning process for the area along Route 7, from River Creek Parkway to the Route 15 Bypass.  The effort was initially dubbed "Envision East Market."  Based on feedback received, staff have rebranded the area and visioning process as the Eastern Gateway District. There has been a great deal of targeted stakeholder input provided over the past year; however, staff is now seeking to hear from all who live, work or play in Leesburg. 

To that end, a public input meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, June 20, 2017 from 6:30 to 8:30pm in the Banquet Hall at Ida Lee Recreation Center, 60 Ida Lee Drive NW.  Staff will provide a summary of stakeholder input today and will engage attendees in a live polling exercise to help formulate a vision for this gateway into our town.  Participants are asked to bring their smart phone or internet-enabled device to participate in this portion of the meeting.  Town staff will also be on hand to address any additional questions or suggestions that may arise from the discussion. 

You can find additional information on our Eastern Gateway District small area plan by visiting our project page. Participate in our short survey here

Economic Development Steering Committee

The Economic Development Steering Committee is a collaborate effort to formulate recommendations and potential action steps to the Town Council regarding Economic Development policies and strategies within the Town.  Per Council's resolution 2017-071, staff is to work with the committee, which consists of two representatives from the Town Council (non-voting), two members of the Planning Commission, one member of the Economic Development Commission, two business and property owners within the Town and two residents of the Town.  For additional information and meeting schedule, please visit our Economic Development Steering Committee Project Page

Leesburg Reviewing H-2 Historic Corridor District

The H-2 Historic Corridor Review is a collaborative effort between  the Board of Architectural Review and the Planning Commission to formulate a recommendation to the Town Council regarding the future of the H-2 Historic Corridor per Council's Resolution 2016-136.  

The established H-2 Working Group has been meeting over the last several months to formulate a recommendation as to the future of these historic corridors and presented their findings at a joint meeting of the Board of Architectural Review and Planning Commission on Thursday, June 1st.  Next the Working Group will present their recommendations to the Leesburg Town Council on Monday, June 26th.  That meeting will begin at 7:30 pm in the Town Hall Council Chamber, 25 West Market Street.  

Please visit our H-2 Historic Corridor District Review project page for additional information. 

Revised Policy for Residential Rezoning Applications

As a result of the state law that went into effect on July 1, 2016, the Leesburg Town Council has implemented an interim policy to address potential implications of the new legislation until permanent Town policy changes can be made. 

The interim policy applies to any rezoning application accepted after July 1, 2016, that contains a residential component.  The interim policy consists of three key elements:

  1.  The Town will not accept any type of proffer (cash or contribution) for any rezoning application that contains a residential component.
  2. The Town will no longer accept applicant-initiated amendments to the Town Plan.
  3. The policy will remain in effect until a permanent policy is established and amendments are made to the Zoning Ordinance.  Town Plan and other Town documents that relate to proffers.

The proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendment TLOA-2017-0001 and Town Plan Amendment TLTA-2017-0001 was heard by the Planning Commission at their May 18th meeting.  After the public hearing, the Planning Commission voted to forward the amendments to the Town Council with a recommendation of approval.  The Town Council public hearing is scheduled for July 17, 2017 at 7:30pm in the Town Hall Council Chamber.  Please see our 2017 Leesburg Zoning Ordinance Amendments Page for additional information.  

Leesburg Floodplain Ordinance Amendments

The proposed amendments will establish the Floodplain Overlay District (FOD) to conform with the updated Floodplain Insurance Rate Map and Flood Insurance Study for Loudoun County as prepared by FEMA as required by the NFIP with an effective date of February 17, 2017.  Properties mapped within the FOD will be subject to the requirements and use limitations of a new section of the Leesburg Zoning Ordinance in addition to the existing requirements and use limitations of the current zoning district.

The primary purpose of the proposed amendments is to protect life and property from flooding consistent with federally mandated requirements for Town participation in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  Through the NFIP, land owners in the Town are eligible to purchase flood insurance not available through any other insurance providers.

The Leesburg Town Council   All members of the public in attendance will have the opportunity to address Council during the hearing. 

For additional information regarding the Floodplain Ordinance Amendments, please visit our project page


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