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Interim Policy for Residential Rezoning Applications

As a result of a state law that went into effect on July 1, 2016, the Leesburg Town Council has implemented an interim policy to address potential implications of the new legislation until permanent Town policy changes can be made.  The interim policy is anticipated to be in effect at least four to six months.

The interim policy applies to any rezoning application accepted after July 1, 2016, that contains a residential component.  The interim policy consists of three key elements:

  1.  The Town will not accept any type of proffer (cash or contribution) for any rezoning application that contains a residential component.
  2. The Town will no longer accept applicant-initiated amendments to the Town Plan.
  3. The policy will remain in effect until a permanent policy is established and amendments are made to the Zoning Ordinance.  Town Plan and other Town documents that relate to proffers.

The proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendment TLOA-2017-0001 and Town Plan Amendment TLTA-2017-0001 was heard by the Planning Commission at their May 18th meeting.  After the public hearing, the Planning Commission voted to forward the amendments to the Town Council with a recommendation of approval.  The Town Council public hearing is scheduled for July 17, 2017 at 7:30pm in the Town Hall Council Chamber.  Please see our 2017 Leesburg Zoning Ordinance Amendments page for additional information.  

A rezoning application is a request to change a property's zoning, the designated use district, as shown on the Town's Zoning Map.  This application can also be a revision to an approved rezoning to change conditions of approval, to change proffers offered by the applicant, or to revise the layout of the proposed development.  The application generally consists of a Land Development Application, a statement of justification, a concept plan and a rezoning Plat.  A rezoning application can be initiated by the Town Council, but in most cases is filed on behalf of the property owner or agent thereof.  Rezoning applications are initially reviewed by staff, receive a recommendation by the Planning Commission and are ultimately approved by the Town Council.

Please refer to the Rezoning Application Procedural Manual for more detail of the review and time frames of processing rezoning applications or view our frequently asked questions.